Rankfans in 3 steps

RankFans enables fans and brands to interact together in fun and innovative ways

Step 1 - Setup Brand

Register a brand with RankFans.com and create campaigns or competitions

Step 2 - Engage

Start to engage with your fans and see who are the most active

Step 3 - Ranking

Your fans see a return on the time invested in your brand and opportunistically engage more

Register for an account to start managing or engaging with your brands


We have lots of ideas and features to build heres the basics so far
Register Your Brand

Register Your Brand

Take control of your brand within the RankFans ecosystem

Engage the Fans

Engage the Fans

See what your fans are watching liking or engaging with so you can know which is the most engaging

Rank The Fans

Rank The Fans

See which fans are the most engaged and understand your audience with platform agnostic statistics

Fans Compete

Fans Compete

Allow your fans to compete in your own competitions and reward those who engage most

Fan Discounts

Fan Discounts

Offer discounts to your fans in exchange for engagement with your brands

Premium Fans

Premium Fans

Allow certain content to be unlocked by premium or fans who have engaged based on thresholds


The latest information on the RankFans platform

RankFans v1

RankFans v1 is launching very shortly. We have just finished up our closed beta and will finalise a few more things before making a public beta version available.

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